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There are many different kinds of cosmetics, mainly including ordinary cosmetics and special use cosmetics.
All cosmetics, imports of the ministry of health approval, would have to be imported cosmetics hygiene license (registration certificate), to do the general trade imports.
Imported cosmetics need data, processes and food imports.

一、Imported cosmetics required documents
(1) Certificate of Health
(2) Certificate of Origin
(3) Certificate of Free Sale
(4) Product Test Report
(5) Sales Contract, Packing List, Invoice, Bill of Lading

Aboves are general required documents. Please contact with us for further information.

二、Import procedure
Foreign shipper filing
Domestic consignee filing
Exchanging delivery order, inspection declaration
Customs declaration, paying tax/duties
Release, transport to warehouse designated by CIQ
CIQ inpection, random sample inspection
Pass inspection, release, health certificate issued

三、Our strengthes
(1) Our company holds Qingdao Gold Top Trade Co,Ltd and Qingdao Global Express International Logistics Co,Ltd, and  owns a 4000m2 of food warehouse designated by CIQ near Qiangangwan, Qingdao port, 6 units of container trucks and 2 units of vans. Our company can provide complete service of food import for customer, including agency service, sea transportation operation, clearance, labeling, warehouse and logistics etc.

(2) Our company has 12 years of experience of food import and reserves professional personel in fields of law, marketing, operation, clearance, labeling and logistics. Our professional customer-service team will provide advance notice, case follow up and feedback service for customer to avoid mistake and improve clearance speed and quality.

(3) Our company adopts state-of-the-art management system of logistics supply chain which monitors each process in real time and ensure the safety of product in every process.

(4) Our company has close connections with authorities and can assist customer in clearing complicated product and solving other problems.

(5) Complete hardware facilities, advanced software system, years of experience and professioinal team makes us have superior advantages.



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