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Cross-border e-commerce rapid development in China in recent years, the electricity business in overseas warehousing, logistics demand.
My company in Hong Kong set up warehouses, provides the omni-directional service for the import of cross-border electricity dealers.
First of all by my company developed overseas logistics network, can deliver the goods in bulk from around the world by sea, air transport to Hong Kong, Taiwan warehouse.
Overseas booking, customs clearance, logistics can be handed over to us.Then cargo warehousing, inventory, code, classification of storage.Warehouse according to the electricity delivery instructions
Processing orders, packaging and code, delivery, customs clearance, and then by the Courier company delivery straight domestic consumers.
Warehouse facilities, equipped with professional logistics management personnel, advanced management, operating system and the domestic each big electric business platform,
Customs clearance service platform, express docking system, inventory synchronous transmission of information, the goods is real-time monitoring, real-time understanding of logistics link.

Suitable for online sales of imported products can use my company's warehouse.


Imports of cross-border direct mail mode diagram:



Domestic electricity only need to do two things: foreign procurement contract and domestic sales.
Among all the links are all done by our company.




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