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The followings are part of our latest operations.

Chinese Label Design
The 42 provision of Food Safety Law stipulates that the packing of pre-packaged food should have label. The imported pre-packaged food should have Chinese label, Chinese manual. Both label and manual should comply with Food Safety Law and other related Chinese laws, stipulations of administration regulations and requirements of food safety national standard, and show origin of food and name, address and contact information of domestic agent. The pre-packaged food could not be imported if it has no Chinese label, Chinese maunal; or label, manual could not meet requirements of the provision.
Our team is familiar with <Genearl Standard for the Labeling of Prepackaged Foods> and national standard for foods, and can provide professtional Chinese label design sevice for customers.

Chinese Label Check
The consequences will be severe if the label is not qualified, such as the extended period of CIQ inspection, non-permitted filing etc. The product will be forced to return or destroyed if the problem is serious, which brings big economic loss to importer. With the changing of national standards of food and provisions of relevant authorities, the content and requirement of Chinese label are also changed accordingly. Therefore, it is necessory to check Chinese label in advance. Our company has experienced label-checking personel who understand the whole process, for example, they understand which characters are forbidden. They will communicate with customer in advance for improving to avoid unnecessary trouble during CIQ inspection.

Chinese Label Print
Owing to complicated clearance process of food and large number of food label categories, in order to ensure the effectiveness of food clearance, the requirement for delivery time and quality control of Chinese label printing is very high.
Our company can provide various kinds of self-adhesive Chinese label printing service for customers according to specific requirement and required clearance time.

Chinese Labeling and correcting
Product Quality Law stipulates that the imported food in domestic market must have Chinese label.
In practice, many foods do not have Chinese labels or the labels do not meet the requirement, they need to put on or correct Chinese labels. Our company provides effective Chinese labeling and correcting service, which can shorten time cost of clearance.


Chinese label filing
Chinese label filing is required for importation of pre-packaged foods, including milk powder, liquor, olive oil, and some other foods with propaganda information “low fat”, “no sugar” in their labels. Many imported foods could not be cleared just because the filing could not be approved. Our company can provide high efficient filing for customers. Filing approval in one attempt.

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